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Insight of the Day: Staycation and Sleep Tourism: The new travel trend

The article discusses two emerging trends in the tourism industry, staycation and Sleep Tourism.

Key points:

  • Staycation: Short trips to nearby locations with a focus on enjoying hotel amenities like pools, spas, and cycling.

  • Sleep Tourism: Travel focused on relaxation and getting quality sleep in a new environment.

  • Target Audience: Primarily younger travelers prioritizing health and wellness.

  • Hotel Requirements: Clean, quiet rooms with good lighting, temperature control, high-quality bedding, and smart devices to enhance sleep. Larger hotels should offer different zones for various room types.

  • Activities: Muscle relaxation massages, yoga, sound healing, hydrotherapy, kayaking, boxing, libraries, movie rooms, and cooking classes.

  • Food and Beverage: Varied food options, extended room service hours, and unlimited water/ice are important.

  • Marketing: Package deals including meals and activities are appealing to this market segment.

Overall, the article emphasizes the importance of hotels adapting their services to cater to these new trends, focusing on room quality, activities, food and beverage options, and marketing strategies.

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