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Insight of the Day: Subscriptions model finds favour among fashion shoppers, report shows

Key Points:

  • Subscription Surge: The pandemic accelerated interest in subscription models across retail, including the fashion sector.

  • Diverse Offerings: Fashion subscriptions cater to various needs – from luxury and vintage to niche markets like plus-size and sportswear.

  • Drivers of Popularity:

  • Value for money and discounts

  • Convenience

  • Sustainability

  • Wider choice

  • Access to exclusives

  • Leading Players:

  • Stitch Fix: Personalized styling boxes

  • Rent the Runway: Designer rentals

  • Comma Vintage: Curated vintage/pre-loved

  • Dia & co: Plus-size market

Why the Subscription Model Works for Fashion:

  • Addresses Shopping Pain Points: Subscriptions streamline the shopping process, offering curated selection and often better prices than traditional retail.

  • Personalization: Services like Stitch Fix cater to individual styles, making the experience feel unique.

  • "Try Before You Buy" + Rental:  Reduces risk for shoppers and promotes experimentation, especially for high-end or unfamiliar brands.

  • Sustainability Angle: Vintage and pre-loved options appeal to eco-conscious consumers, while rental models reduce waste.


  • Opportunities for Retailers:  Subscriptions can drive customer loyalty and recurring revenue streams.

  • Competition for Traditional Retail: The convenience and personalization offered by subscriptions pose a challenge to brick-and-mortar models.

  • Continued Innovation: Expect even more niche subscription services and hybrid models (like combining subscriptions with occasional outright purchases).

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