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Insight of the Day: Sweet, savory snacks win in 2023, age influences purchase channel, Circana finds

Highlights from the Circana Snack Report 2023

  • Trend Towards Sweet and Savory Snacks:

  • Consumers are favoring a combination of sweet and savory snacks in 2023.

  • The appeal of snacks that offer both flavors is on the rise, catering to diverse taste preferences.

  • Age Influence on Purchase Channels:

  • Younger shoppers are increasingly opting for quick-service restaurants for convenient snacking options.

  • This trend indicates a shift in how different age groups choose to purchase and consume snacks.

  • Circana's Annual Snack Report:

  • Circana shared these insights in its annual snack report, highlighting changing consumer behaviors and preferences.

  • The report likely provides a comprehensive overview of snack consumption patterns and trends in 2023.

  • Convenience and Variety:

  • Quick-service restaurants offer convenience and a wide variety of snack options to cater to the evolving preferences of consumers.

  • The snack industry continues to adapt to meet the changing demands of customers across different age groups.

  • Implications for the Snack Industry:

  • Snack manufacturers and retailers may need to adjust their offerings to align with the growing popularity of sweet and savory combinations.

  • Understanding age-related preferences can help businesses tailor their marketing strategies and product development efforts effectively.

  • Future Outlook:

  • The snack industry is likely to see further innovation in flavors, formats, and distribution channels to meet the dynamic needs of consumers.

  • Monitoring consumer trends and preferences, especially across different age demographics, will be crucial for staying competitive in the snack market.

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