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Insight of the Day: The Blueprint for Brand Growth: How marketers can influence revenue and profit

Kantar's Blueprint for Brand Growth is a new quantitative decision-making framework that aims to help marketers drive revenue and profit. Based on over a decade of data analysis, the Blueprint provides actionable insights into what influences consumer choices and how brands can maximize their growth potential.

Key Takeaways:

  • Meaningful Difference Matters: Brands that are perceived as both meaningful and different to consumers command significantly higher market penetration and pricing power.

  • Three Growth Accelerators: The Blueprint identifies three key strategies for brand growth:

  • Predispose More People: Strengthen consumer predisposition towards your brand through exposures and experiences.

  • Be More Present: Optimize marketing investments to convert predisposition into actual purchases.

  • Find New Space: Expand into new markets, categories, or usage occasions through innovation and effective communication.

  • Starting Grids: The Blueprint offers practical decision-making frameworks, called Starting Grids, to help marketers tailor their strategies based on their brand's specific needs and circumstances.

  • Evidence-Based: The Blueprint is based on rigorous analysis of billions of data points, providing a solid foundation for strategic marketing decisions.

Implications for Marketers:

  • Focus on Differentiation: Emphasize what makes your brand unique and meaningful to consumers.

  • Invest in Building Predisposition: Create strong emotional connections with consumers through engaging experiences and communication.

  • Optimize Marketing Activation: Ensure your marketing efforts are effectively converting consumer predisposition into sales.

  • Explore New Growth Opportunities: Look for new ways to expand your brand's reach and relevance.

  • Use Data to Guide Decisions: Leverage data and analytics to inform your marketing strategies and track your progress.

Overall, Kantar's Blueprint for Brand Growth offers a comprehensive and actionable guide for marketers seeking to drive sustainable growth and maximize business outcomes.

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