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Insight of the Day: The Rise Of Pre-Teen ‘Prejuvenation’

This article delves into the rising trend of "prejuvenation" among pre-teens, focusing on Gen Z and Gen Alpha spending significant amounts of money on skincare products in a bid to maintain youthful skin. The trend is driven by social media influencers, such as the Kardashian family and TikTok stars, who showcase their skincare routines online. However, experts warn against using strong skincare ingredients at a young age, as children and pre-teens have more delicate skin that can be sensitive to harsh products.

Skincare experts recommend that young individuals focus on basic skincare habits such as cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection, rather than indulging in complex or excessive routines. Brands are also now targeting the teenage market with simpler and more age-appropriate skincare products. While prejuvenation may fuel unrealistic beauty standards, some suggest that the focus should be on building healthy skincare habits rather than solely preventing aging.

Overall, the article raises concerns about young individuals overindulging in skincare products without proper guidance or understanding of potential risks. Parents are encouraged to educate their children on basic skincare routines and avoid unnecessary or harmful products. The emphasis should be on promoting skincare as a form of self-care rather than solely a means of anti-aging.

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