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Insight of the Day: The surprising wellness trend based on beer

Key Findings:

  • Beer spas, originating in the Czech Republic, are gaining global popularity, offering unique wellness experiences combining spa relaxation and beer enjoyment.

  • The concept is attracting both men and couples, expanding the traditional spa demographic.

  • While the historical claims of beer bathing are debated, the potential health benefits of beer ingredients for skin and relaxation are supported by scientific research.

Key Takeaway:

The rise of beer spas highlights the growing demand for unique and experiential wellness offerings. The combination of relaxation, cultural immersion, and the enjoyment of beer creates a distinct niche in the wellness industry.


The trend reflects a shift towards experiential wellness tourism, where travelers seek unique and memorable experiences that combine relaxation with cultural and culinary elements. This trend is driven by a desire for novelty, authenticity, and personalization in wellness offerings.


  • Beer spas have successfully tapped into the growing demand for experiential wellness tourism, creating a unique and memorable experience for travelers.

  • The concept's appeal extends beyond traditional spa-goers, attracting a wider audience including men and couples.

  • While the historical claims surrounding beer bathing may be exaggerated, the potential health benefits of beer ingredients offer a scientific basis for the trend.

  • The success of beer spas in different countries highlights the adaptability of the concept and its potential for further global expansion.

Implications for Brands:

  • Wellness brands can capitalize on the trend by developing unique and experiential wellness offerings that combine relaxation with cultural and culinary elements.

  • The beer spa concept can be adapted to different cultures and regions, incorporating local beer traditions and ingredients.

  • Brands can leverage the scientific research on beer ingredients to create innovative wellness products and treatments.

  • By offering personalized and memorable experiences, brands can attract a wider audience and differentiate themselves in the competitive wellness market.

  • Collaboration with local breweries and businesses can enhance the authenticity and appeal of beer spa experiences.


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