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Insight of the Day: TikTok Rediscovers an Old Rural Beauty Secret

TikTok Sparks Revival of Bag Balm, a Century-Old Farm Salve Turned Beauty Must-Have

Bag Balm, a salve originally formulated for soothing cows' udders, has found a new audience thanks to TikTok. Gen Z "skinfluencers" are touting its moisturizing properties, using it for "slugging" and other skincare routines.

Key Points:

  • Origins: Bag Balm, made in Vermont for 125 years, was initially intended for veterinary use. However, its effectiveness in softening skin led to its adoption as a rural beauty secret.

  • Ingredients: The balm contains petroleum jelly and lanolin, a wax secreted by sheep. Lanolin is a key ingredient contributing to its soothing properties.

  • Popularity Boost: Influencers like Alix Earle have praised Bag Balm, contributing to a surge in its popularity on TikTok.

  • Versatile Uses: Beyond skincare, Bag Balm has been used for various purposes, including treating cuts, burns, chapped lips, and even silencing squeaky bedsprings.

  • Company Evolution:  While staying true to its heritage, the company has adapted to the digital age by creating a TikTok account and expanding its product line.

Additional Notes:

  • Bag Balm's factory is located in Lyndonville, Vermont, and the production process remains largely unchanged.

  • Despite its growing popularity for skincare, Bag Balm still finds a significant market in agriculture.

  • The company aims to maintain its brand ethos of simplicity and versatility while navigating the challenges of expanding its customer base.

Overall, the resurgence of Bag Balm on TikTok demonstrates the power of social media in reviving and popularizing products. It also highlights the potential for products with humble origins to find new uses and appeal to a wider audience.

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