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Insight of the Day: Tweens’ Most Used Slang Words—According to Them

Key points from the article:

1. "Bro" Slang Usage: The term "bro" and its variations like "bruh" are commonly used among tweens to address close friends or even strangers. It has evolved into a versatile expression denoting disbelief or surprise, often used in memes and trending audios.

2. Influence from Gen Z: Tweens are adopting slang words from Gen Z, indicating a trend of younger generations learning from older ones. Terms like "rizz," "cap," and "slay" are among the most-used slang words by tweens, showing their familiarity with and adoption of Gen Z lexicon.

3. Meaning of Slang Words: Tweens use terms like "cap" to denote lying or exaggeration, while "slay" is used to express admiration or approval. Other popular terms like "cool," "bussin," and "lit" convey positive sentiments about something being enjoyable or exciting.

4. Roots in African American Vernacular English (AAVE): Many of the slang words used by tweens, as well as Gen Z, have roots in African American Vernacular English (AAVE). It's essential for brands to recognize and respect this cultural influence when incorporating slang into their messaging.

5. Educational Approach: Some educators, like TikTok user Larry Lexicon, have taken an educational approach to teach students about slang terms, acknowledging the connection between AAVE and young people's vocabulary. Brands should also approach slang usage with sensitivity and awareness.

Overall, understanding the most-used slang words among tweens is crucial for brands seeking to connect with this demographic authentically and avoid sounding outdated or cringeworthy.

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