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Insight of the Day: Viewer Intent for NBA Finals Ticks Up as Betting Plans Jump


  • Mild Interest: 28% of U.S. adults express interest in watching the NBA Finals, a slight increase from last year, while 52% are not interested.

  • Viewing Preferences: Traditional cable TV is the most popular viewing method, followed by streaming and antenna TV. Millennials prefer antennas or streaming.

  • Betting Surge: Intent to bet on the NBA Finals has risen significantly compared to 2023, reaching 19% of U.S. adults.

  • Food Delivery Boost: Over a third of NBA viewers are more likely to order food delivery during the Finals, with burgers and chicken sandwiches preferred over pizza.

Key Takeaway:

While viewer interest in the NBA Finals has seen a slight increase, the majority remain uninterested. However, there's a notable rise in betting intent and food delivery orders during the games, presenting opportunities for businesses in these areas.


The growing interest in sports betting and food delivery during major sporting events like the NBA Finals reflects a broader trend in consumer behavior. This trend indicates a shift towards integrated experiences where viewers engage with sports not just as spectators but also as participants through betting and enjoy the convenience of food delivery while watching games.


  • The NBA Finals need to continue exploring ways to attract a wider audience beyond the core fan base.

  • Sports betting and food delivery industries can capitalize on the increased interest during the Finals to drive engagement and sales.

  • Over-the-air viewers are a significant segment that warrants more attention and targeted marketing efforts.

Implications for Brands:

  • Sports Betting Platforms: Focus on marketing campaigns and promotions during the NBA Finals to attract new users and encourage betting activity.

  • Food Delivery Services: Offer special deals and targeted advertising towards NBA fans, highlighting their preferred food choices like burgers and chicken sandwiches.

  • Broadcasters and Advertisers: Tailor content and advertising to cater to the diverse viewing preferences of different demographics, including the growing over-the-air audience.

  • NBA: Explore partnerships and collaborations with food delivery and betting platforms to create engaging and interactive experiences for fans, potentially boosting viewership and overall interest in the league.

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