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Insight of the Day: Views on single-use plastic waste vary based on concern about health impacts, survey finds

Key Points:

  • Decreased concern in some countries: Public concern about single-use plastic waste in the environment has decreased in countries like the U.S., U.K., Germany, and China.

  • Continued high concern in others:  Concern remains very high in countries like Mexico, Brazil, and India, where people view the issue as very serious.

  • Positive perception of progress: The decrease in concern in some countries is likely due to the perception that progress is being made on reducing plastic pollution.

  • Health concerns drive action: Regulatory pressures on plastics are likely to continue as people increasingly associate plastic waste with health issues.


A recent GlobeScan survey reveals a varied global perspective on single-use plastic waste. While concern has decreased in some developed countries, likely due to perceived progress, it remains high in others, particularly in Latin America, where health concerns are a driving factor. This suggests that regulatory efforts to curb plastic pollution will continue, especially as the link between plastic waste and health issues becomes more apparent.

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