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Insight of the Day: Wellness-oriented menus on rise in India

Wellness-oriented menus have been on the rise in India, with a growing emphasis on lighter and more nutritious options in the culinary landscape[1]. This shift towards healthier options is not limited to big restaurants but is also seen in the menus of hotels, catering services, and even street food vendors[1]. The trend is driven by the increasing awareness of the importance of health and well-being, as well as the desire to adapt traditional Indian cuisine to modern dietary preferences[1].

Indian food is known for its rich flavors, textures, and colors, with ingredients such as turmeric, cumin, and ginger not only adding taste but also possessing medicinal properties[1]. Ayurveda, a healthy medicinal practice in India since ancient times, has influenced the development of wellness-oriented menus, which aim to nourish the body while staying true to the country's culinary traditions[1].

Some of the lighter and more nutritious options that are becoming popular include salads, grilled dishes, and dishes with less oil and fat[1]. This shift towards healthier menus reflects the changing preferences of consumers, who are increasingly seeking to incorporate wellness into their daily lives.

In conclusion, wellness-oriented menus are gaining popularity in India as consumers become more conscious of their health and the importance of well-being. By offering lighter, more nutritious options that incorporate traditional Indian ingredients and practices, restaurants and food vendors are adapting to these changing preferences while staying true to their culinary heritage.

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