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Insight of the Day: What’s hot and what’s not in beauty right now?

Here’s what’s making waves in the beauty industry:

Focus on ‘Skinflamm-ageing’:

  • Mintel senior beauty analyst Maddie Malone has been monitoring beauty trends on social media channels over the past year.

  • The ‘Skinflamm-ageing’ trend is on the rise. What does it entail?

  • Essentially, it addresses the undesirable effects of skin aging and inflammation.

  • Brands are increasingly discussing this topic, emphasizing the importance of managing inflammation for healthier skin. Skincare Smoothies:

  • Consumers are getting creative with their skincare routines.

  • Instead of traditional layering, they’re making ‘skin smoothies’ by mixing various skincare products before applying them.

  • This trend encourages customization and experimentation, allowing individuals to tailor their routines to their specific needs.

While these trends are gaining traction, it’s essential to stay informed about the ever-evolving beauty landscape. Whether it’s addressing skin inflammation or concocting personalized skincare blends, consumers are seeking innovative solutions for their beauty needs.

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