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Insight of the Day: What's next for restaurants: Gene-edited salad greens, underground "delivery tubes"

Key Takeaways from "What's next for restaurants: Gene-edited salad greens, underground 'delivery tubes'"

  • Innovation Driven by Competition & Technology: Restaurants are embracing innovative approaches to attract customers and recover from pandemic losses. Social media, technology like AI, and the rise of delivery services are pushing the boundaries of the dining experience.

  • Menu Innovations:

  • Unexpected ingredients like anchovy brine and olive oil in cocktails.

  • Mashups like KFC's Chizza.

  • Limited-time offerings (LTOs) to pique curiosity.

  • Controversial descriptors like "dirty" drinks.

  • Comfort foods with a twist, e.g., birria sauce in grilled cheese.

  • Futuristic Trends:

  • Gene-edited salad greens for better taste.

  • Immersive, multisensory dining experiences in mixed reality.

  • VR gastronomy startups focusing on therapeutic aspects of food.

  • Apps to help people with allergies identify problematic menu items.

  • New Ingredients & Preparations:

  • Avocado bread with guacamole spices.

  • Pecan oil as a healthier alternative to seed oils.

  • Plant-based meats with innovative textures like sugarcane bones.

  • Ghost Kitchens & Social Media:

  • Virtual Dining Concepts leverages social media trends to create delivery-only menu items.

  • Focus on Convenience & Delivery:

  • Growth of kiosks, drive-thrus, and to-go stores.

  • Underground tunnels for delivery (still in development).

  • AI-powered tools for personalized offers and wine recommendations.


The restaurant industry is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by technology, evolving consumer preferences, and increased competition. Restaurants are experimenting with unconventional ingredients, futuristic dining experiences, and innovative delivery methods to attract customers. While some of these innovations are still in their early stages, they represent the diverse ways in which the restaurant industry is adapting to a rapidly changing landscape.

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