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Insight of the Day: Who Drinks Tea?

The article highlights the global popularity of tea, being the second most consumed beverage after water. It references the FAO's estimate of 6.7 million tonnes of tea produced in 2022 and projects the global tea market to reach $134.4 billion by 2025.

Key Points:

  • Tea's global popularity: Tea is the second most consumed drink globally, following water.

  • Major tea producers: China, India, Kenya, and Sri Lanka are leading tea producers.

  • Market growth: The global tea market is projected to reach $134.4 billion by 2025.

  • Survey data:

  • Turkey: Highest rate of tea drinkers, with 90% of respondents consuming it regularly.

  • Kenya: 83% of respondents regularly drink tea.

  • UK and Ireland: High tea consumption, with 58% in the UK and 64% in Ireland.

  • Spain: Lower tea consumption, with 40% of respondents.

  • International Tea Day: May 21st is recognized as International Tea Day to celebrate its cultural, health, and economic significance.

The chart visually represents the percentage of tea drinkers in various countries, emphasizing Turkey's leading position and highlighting the global prevalence of tea consumption.

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