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Insight of the Day: Why movies and albums both got so long

Key Points:

  • Demand for sustainable vinyl: A survey by Key Production found that 69% of vinyl buyers in the UK would be encouraged to buy more records if they had a reduced environmental impact. 77% would pay more for sustainable records.

  • Heavyweight vinyl not as valued: 70% of vinyl customers either don't think that heavyweight vinyl is more valuable than standard vinyl, or aren't sure. This challenges the industry's perception of it as a premium product.

  • Market opportunity for eco-friendly vinyl: Key Production CEO Karen Emanuel believes there is a significant market opportunity for environmentally friendly vinyl records, and that the industry should focus on sustainable practices.


A new survey suggests that a significant majority of vinyl buyers in the UK are interested in purchasing more sustainable vinyl records and are even willing to pay a premium for them. The survey also found that heavyweight vinyl, despite being considered a premium product in the industry, is not valued as highly by consumers. This indicates a growing demand for eco-friendly options in the vinyl market, and presents an opportunity for the industry to shift towards more sustainable practices.

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