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Insight of the Day: Spotify’s latest ‘Fan Study’ focuses on impact of its playlists

Spotify's latest 'Fan Study' delves into the impact of its playlists on artists and fans, providing valuable insights for the music industry. Here are some key takeaways from the study:

  • Artist Discoveries: The study highlights that more than half of new artist discoveries on Spotify occur in programmed playlists, emphasizing the significant role playlists play in introducing listeners to new music. A substantial portion of these discoveries (over a quarter) come from mixes, radio, and autoplay features.

  • Engagement Levels: Contrary to the notion that playlist listeners are passive, the study reveals that active audiences stream tracks via programmed playlists more than twice as much as programmed-only audiences. This suggests that engaged listeners actively interact with playlists and artists.

  • Concert Ticket Sales: Spotify notes that over half of concert ticket purchases made through its platform originate from listeners who have been streaming that particular artist on Spotify playlists. This underlines the influence playlists have on driving fan engagement and real-world actions like attending live events.

  • Tools for Artists: Spotify encourages artists and their teams to leverage tools like Discovery Mode, Marquee, and Showcase to connect with audiences who engage with playlists. These tools can help artists reach a wider fan base and enhance their visibility on the platform.

Overall, Spotify's 'Fan Study' underscores the pivotal role playlists play in artist discovery, audience engagement, and driving meaningful connections between fans and musicians. The study provides valuable insights for artists looking to maximize their presence and impact on the platform.

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