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Innovation of the Day: Health insurer Zilveren Kruis partners with sidewalk cafes to put sunscreen on their menus


  • Dutch health insurer Zilveren Kruis is combating rising skin cancer rates with a unique initiative.

  • They partner with sidewalk cafes to offer sunscreen on their menus, making sun protection easily accessible to patrons.

  • Sunscreen is available at cost price or for free, encouraging widespread use.

  • This initiative builds on their existing campaign of providing free sunscreen stations across the Netherlands.

Key Takeaway:

  • By integrating sun protection into everyday activities and leveraging social settings, Zilveren Kruis is successfully promoting sun safety and potentially reducing skin cancer incidence.


  • Proactive approach by companies to address public health concerns.

  • Integration of wellness products/services into existing social routines and environments.

It is about whom:

  • Consumers: Dutch individuals who frequent sidewalk cafes, especially those who are unprepared for sun exposure.

  • Businesses: Sidewalk cafes and restaurants in the Netherlands.

  • Health Insurer: Zilveren Kruis, the organization spearheading the initiative.

Description of the service:

  • Sidewalk cafes offer sunscreen alongside their regular menu items.

  • Customers can easily purchase or receive free sunscreen while enjoying their time outdoors.


  • Zilveren Kruis's innovative approach effectively addresses a public health concern in a convenient and accessible way.

  • The initiative has the potential to normalize sun protection and encourage positive behavioral change.

Implications for brands:

  • Brands can proactively address relevant health concerns through creative partnerships and initiatives.

  • Integrating wellness products/services into existing customer routines and social settings can enhance brand image and customer loyalty.

  • Leveraging social proof can effectively promote desired behaviors and create positive social impact.

Implications for society:

  • Increased awareness and accessibility of sun protection can lead to a reduction in skin cancer rates.

  • Integrating health-conscious options into everyday life can normalize healthy behaviors and improve overall well-being.

  • The initiative serves as a model for other companies to take proactive steps in addressing public health issues.


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