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Innovation of the Day: Helsinki's Kaffa Roastery unveils AI-conic: the world's first AI-designed coffee blend

The Innovation

  • Kaffa Roastery in Helsinki has created the "AI-conic" coffee blend, the first in the world developed using artificial intelligence.

How it Works

  • Kaffa Roastery collaborated with Elev Consulting, an AI company.

  • They fed sales data from Kaffa's existing blends into a large language model (LLM).

  • The AI analyzed this data and suggested a new blend, mixing beans from Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, and Ethiopia.

What This Means for the Industry

  • Generative AI is disrupting product development across industries, including food and beverage.

  • AI tools, once only accessible to large corporations, are becoming widespread.

  • This allows smaller companies to experiment and innovate, offering unique products to customers.

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