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Innovation of the Day: Immersive VR Shopping Apps

Mytheresa Launches Immersive Shopping App for Apple Vision Pro

Key Points:

  • Mytheresa partnered with Obsess to create a new immersive shopping app for the Apple Vision Pro.

  • The app transports users to virtual luxury shopping destinations like Capri and Paris.

  • Users can explore curated selections from brands like Loewe, Valentino, and Saint Laurent.

  • The app utilizes Apple Vision Pro's capabilities for intuitive navigation with eye and hand movements.

  • Mytheresa's distinctive branding is incorporated into the virtual experience.

Trend Themes:

  1. Virtual Luxury Shopping: Luxury retailers are adopting immersive VR experiences to offer unique shopping experiences.

  2. Branded VR Environments: Brands are creating hyper-realistic virtual stores to enhance their digital presence and engage customers.

  3. Intuitive VR Navigation: Eye and hand tracking technology is improving the navigation and interaction in VR applications.

Industry Implications:

  1. Luxury E-commerce: Immersive VR is revolutionizing digital luxury shopping by creating unique and high-end customer environments.

  2. VR Technology Development: Advancements in VR technology, like intuitive navigation, are leading to more engaging and interactive virtual experiences.

  3. Fashion Retail: The fusion of fashion and technology is opening new avenues for customer engagement through immersive platforms.


Mytheresa's new immersive shopping app for Apple Vision Pro is a prime example of how luxury brands are leveraging VR technology to create unique and engaging experiences for their customers. This trend is expected to continue as VR technology advances and becomes more accessible to consumers.


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