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Innovation of the Day: Mexican Tequila Brands


LALO Tequila is launching a national campaign called "See New" to celebrate modern Mexican culture and its nationwide expansion. The campaign will be featured across various platforms, including digital and social media, streaming services, retail, and on-premise locations.

Key Takeaway:

LALO aims to leverage the campaign to increase brand awareness and market share, capitalizing on its fifth anniversary and aligning with consumer preferences for authenticity and heritage.


The campaign taps into the trend of brands showcasing cultural roots and authenticity to resonate with consumers seeking meaningful connections.

Target Audience:

The campaign likely targets consumers who appreciate tequila's cultural significance, value quality and heritage, and are open to exploring modern expressions of Mexican culture.


LALO Tequila is a premium tequila brand focused on creating a pure expression of tequila that honors Mexican tradition and craftsmanship.

Consumer Age:

The target age range is likely legal drinking age (21+) and above, with a focus on adults who appreciate premium spirits and cultural experiences.


The "See New" campaign has the potential to significantly boost LALO's brand visibility and market presence. By highlighting modern Mexico's spirit, beauty, and culture, LALO aims to differentiate itself in the competitive tequila market and attract a loyal consumer base.

Implications for Brands:

The campaign demonstrates the effectiveness of incorporating cultural elements and storytelling into marketing strategies. Brands can learn from LALO's approach to connect with consumers on a deeper level, fostering brand loyalty and driving growth.

Implications for Society:

The campaign promotes cultural appreciation and understanding by showcasing modern Mexico's vibrancy and diversity. It contributes to a broader conversation about heritage, tradition, and innovation in a globalized world.


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