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Insight of the Day: 42% of US consumers are SVOD ‘resubscribers’

Findings: Research by Ampere Analysis reveals that a significant number of US streaming subscribers (42%) regularly cancel and resubscribe to platforms. However, bundling services like Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ can reduce churn by up to 59%.

Key Takeaway: Bundling streaming services is an effective strategy to retain subscribers and mitigate churn in the increasingly saturated US streaming market.

Trend: Resubscribing to streaming platforms is a growing trend, especially among younger viewers (18-44) and family households.

Consumer Motivation: Resubscribers are avid media consumers who seek variety and flexibility in their content consumption. They often stack multiple services and consume various media formats.

Driving Trend: The saturated streaming market, with its vast array of content and competitive pricing, encourages consumers to switch between platforms to access specific shows or genres.

Target Audience: Primarily younger viewers (18-44) who are more likely to be in family households and consume diverse media content.

Product/Service Description: Streaming services offer a wide variety of on-demand content, including movies, TV shows, documentaries, and original programming.

Conclusions: Bundling streaming services is a win-win solution for both consumers and platforms. Consumers get access to more content at a lower price, while platforms reduce churn and increase revenue.

Implications for Brands: Streaming platforms should focus on developing attractive bundle offers to entice resubscribers and retain existing customers. They should also invest in understanding the viewing habits and preferences of resubscribers to tailor their content offerings accordingly.

Implications for Society: The resubscription trend highlights the evolving nature of media consumption in the digital age. Consumers are increasingly seeking personalized and flexible entertainment options, and streaming platforms need to adapt to meet these demands. Additionally, the success of bundling strategies may encourage further consolidation and collaboration within the streaming industry.


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