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Insight of the Day: 5 Unexpected Consumer Insights About U.S. Dads Ahead of Father’s Day

5 Unexpected Consumer Insights About U.S. Dads Ahead of Father's Day

  1. Dads are more likely to be Republicans. CivicScience data shows that dads lean more towards the Republican party than the general population. This insight could be valuable for brands targeting political demographics.

  2. Dads are less likely to enjoy shopping for clothes. Compared to the general population, dads express less enthusiasm for clothes shopping. This suggests that brands targeting dads might focus on practicality and convenience rather than fashion-forward trends.

  3. Dads are more likely to be sports fans. CivicScience data reveals a higher percentage of sports fans among dads than in the general population. This could be a key demographic for sports-related products and services.

  4. Dads are more likely to own cryptocurrency. Dads are more likely to have invested in cryptocurrency compared to the general population. This could be an important consideration for financial services and tech companies targeting this demographic.

  5. Dads are less likely to say they get a good night's sleep most nights. Sleep seems to be a challenge for many dads, as they report lower sleep quality than the general population. This insight could be relevant for brands offering sleep-related products or services.

Key Takeaway: Dads have unique preferences and behaviors that differentiate them from the general population. Understanding these nuances can help brands tailor their marketing strategies and product offerings to better resonate with this demographic.

Trend: This data suggests a trend towards a more comprehensive understanding of dads as consumers, moving beyond traditional stereotypes. Brands are increasingly recognizing the diversity and complexity of this demographic, leading to more targeted and personalized marketing approaches.


  • Dads are a valuable consumer segment with distinct characteristics and preferences.

  • Brands can leverage data-driven insights to better understand dads and cater to their specific needs and interests.

  • A nuanced understanding of dads can lead to more effective marketing campaigns and product development.

Implications for Brands:

  • Tailored Marketing: Brands should tailor their marketing messages and product offerings to align with the specific interests and preferences of dads.

  • Data-Driven Strategies: Utilize consumer insights to inform product development, marketing campaigns, and customer engagement strategies.

  • Personalized Experiences: Offer personalized experiences that cater to the unique needs and preferences of dads, such as convenient shopping options, sports-related content, or cryptocurrency-related services.

  • Partnerships: Collaborate with brands and organizations that resonate with dads, such as sports teams, financial institutions, or tech companies.

  • Authenticity: Focus on building authentic relationships with dads by understanding their values, challenges, and aspirations.

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