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Insight of the Day: 6 future trends and opportunities in energy drinks you need to know

Future Trends and Opportunities in Energy Drinks:

Key Findings:

  • Growth: The energy drink market is rapidly growing, with stimulant energy drinks leading the charge.

  • Flavor Innovation: Consumers seek new and exciting flavors from established brands.

  • Value Proposition: Price-Marked Packs (PMPs) remain crucial for communicating value and attracting shoppers.

  • Experiential Marketing: Events, collaborations, and celebrity partnerships create brand excitement and differentiate products.

  • Health Consciousness: Sugar-free options are gaining traction as consumers prioritize healthier choices.

  • In-Store Activation: Eye-catching displays and promotional materials are essential for driving sales and attracting new customers.

Key Takeaway:

Retailers can capitalize on the growing energy drink market by focusing on range expansion, offering value through PMPs, creating in-store excitement, catering to health-conscious consumers, and leveraging social media engagement.


  • Brand Loyalty: Consumers are loyal to established brands but seek new flavors and experiences within those brands.

  • Healthier Options: There's a growing demand for sugar-free and functional energy drinks that cater to health-conscious consumers.

  • Experiential Retail: Retailers are using in-store activations and social media to create a buzz around energy drink brands and products.


The energy drink market presents significant growth opportunities for retailers who can adapt to evolving consumer preferences, embrace new trends, and leverage brand partnerships and in-store activations.

Implications for Brands:

  • Innovation: Continuously develop new and exciting flavors to attract and retain customers.

  • Health Focus: Invest in sugar-free and functional options to cater to the growing health-conscious segment.

  • Partnerships: Collaborate with retailers and influencers to create impactful marketing campaigns and in-store activations.

  • Social Media: Leverage social media platforms to engage with consumers, promote products, and create brand awareness.

  • Value: Offer PMPs and other promotional tactics to communicate value and attract price-conscious shoppers.


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