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Insight of the Day: 60 percent consumers cancel and resubscribe to services basis availability of desirable content

The report you summarized highlights a trend of consumers becoming increasingly fickle with subscription services, particularly streaming platforms. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Rise of the "Serial Churner": A significant number of consumers (59%) are cancelling and resubscribing to services based on what content they want to watch. This indicates a shift away from brand loyalty and towards a desire for specific content.

  • Content is King: Consumers are cancelling subscriptions if they can't find content that interests them. Many (36%) struggle to find something to watch, and over half (52%) feel recommended content isn't relevant.

  • Traditional Media Loses Ground: People are spending less time with traditional TV and more time with streaming services (SVOD), social media (52%), social video (52%), and video games (50%).

  • The Power of User-Generated Content: A whopping 59% of consumers find user-generated content (like YouTube videos) just as entertaining as traditional media. This highlights a major challenge for established media companies.

  • Trust in Independent Creators: Consumers are placing increasing trust (58%) in independent content creators compared to traditional news outlets.

Overall, the report suggests that the entertainment industry needs to adapt to this new landscape. Here's what this means for different players:

  • Streaming Services: Need to improve content recommendation algorithms and potentially offer more flexible subscription options.

  • Traditional Media: Needs to find ways to compete with the convenience and content variety offered by streaming and online platforms.

  • Content Creators: Have a growing opportunity to build trust and audience directly with consumers.


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