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Insight of the Day: 75th Consumer Expenditures Study: Taking the Pulse of Shopper Attitudes

Progressive Grocer recently conducted its 75th Consumer Expenditures Study, which aims to provide insights into consumer shopping habits and attitudes. The study collects data from thousands of shoppers across the country to understand how their priorities and preferences have evolved over time.

According to the latest study, there are several key trends that are shaping how consumers approach grocery shopping. One major trend is the growing demand for convenience and flexibility, with more shoppers opting for online grocery shopping and home delivery services. Additionally, consumers are becoming more health-conscious, with a greater emphasis on fresh and organic food options.

The study also found that price remains a significant factor for consumers when making purchasing decisions, with many shoppers prioritizing value and seeking out discounts and special offers. However, other factors such as product quality, variety, and sustainability are also important considerations for today's consumers.

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