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Insight of the Day: A ‘Euphoria’ Video Game Would Be a Big Hit With New TV-to-Gaming ‘Switcher’ Audience, Fandom Study Finds

Based on the insights from Fandom's Inside Entertainment study, a video game based on HBO's "Euphoria" could indeed be a significant hit among a growing audience of "switchers" who transition between consuming entertainment content and gaming. Here's a breakdown of why such a game could be successful:

1. Untapped Genre Potential: The study indicates that drama is potentially the top untapped genre for gaming companies. Given the popularity of "Euphoria" and its darker themes, it could offer a unique gaming experience that caters to fans of role-playing, adventure, simulation, sandbox/open world, and puzzle genres.

2. Psychological and Emotional Elements: "Euphoria" is known for its psychological depth, horror elements, and exploration of group dynamics among its characters. These aspects could translate well into a gaming experience, offering players immersive storytelling and emotional engagement.

3. Appeal to Switchers: The term "switchers" refers to consumers who shift between watching TV shows and playing video games. As gaming becomes the primary activity for many switchers, a "Euphoria" video game could serve as a compelling option for those seeking interactive and engaging experiences during their leisure time.

4. Alignment with Gaming Trends: The study highlights the emotional needs fulfilled by gaming, such as interactivity, achievement, control in the story, and investment in storylines. A "Euphoria" game could leverage these trends to deliver a captivating gameplay experience that resonates with players.

5. Targeted Marketing Strategies: To effectively reach the switcher audience, entertainment companies should develop targeted marketing strategies that emphasize the shared components between gaming and TV shows. By highlighting the similarities in emotional engagement and storytelling, companies can attract fans of "Euphoria" to the gaming medium.

Overall, a "Euphoria" video game has the potential to capitalize on the growing intersection between entertainment and gaming, offering fans a new way to immerse themselves in the world of the series while appealing to the preferences of switchers and drama enthusiasts alike.

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