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Insight of the Day: A Surprising Number of Consumers Believe AI Could Make Better Shows, Movies Than Human Creators

The article discusses the results of a survey conducted by Deloitte's 18th annual Digital Media Trends survey, which found that a surprising percentage of consumers believe that generative artificial intelligence (AI) could write TV shows and movies that are more interesting than those created by humans. According to the survey, 22% of U.S. consumers think AI could produce more captivating content, with millennials and Gen Z consumers showing the highest level of support for AI creativity.

The article also highlights how younger generations are more open to experimenting with AI tools for content creation, with 18% of millennials and Gen Z consumers using generative AI to create images and 25% using it for text creation. The survey reflects a growing trend in the entertainment industry where AI technology is being utilized for various purposes, including content creation and visual effects.

The article also mentions some real-world examples of AI's impact in the entertainment industry, such as Tyler Perry halting an $800 million studio expansion due to advancements in AI technology. Additionally, the use of AI by studios was a significant issue in negotiations between Hollywood unions and studios, with concerns raised about the potential impact of AI on creative processes and the workforce.

Overall, the article provides insights into the growing acceptance and utilization of AI in the entertainment industry, shedding light on consumer attitudes towards AI-generated content and the potential implications of AI technology in media production.

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