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Insight of the Day: Beer made by artificial intelligence tastes better than a normal pint, study suggests

The article discusses a study suggesting that beer made by artificial intelligence (AI) tastes better than traditionally brewed beer. Here are the key points:

1. Research Process: Over a five-year period, researchers analyzed the chemical composition and flavor profiles of 250 Belgian beers. This involved input from a panel of 15 experts who tasted the beers and provided feedback, as well as lab analysis of the chemical composition.

2. AI Algorithm: An AI algorithm was developed to combine the data collected from the flavor profiles, chemical compositions, and 180,000 public reviews on the RateBeer app. This allowed the computer system to predict how different combinations of chemicals would affect the taste of the beer.

3. Improvement in Taste: The AI was able to suggest modifications to existing beers that significantly improved their taste, according to both statistical analysis and expert feedback. Even a well-known commercial beer saw notable improvements after modifications suggested by the AI.

4. Effectiveness with Low Alcohol Beer: The AI system was also effective in improving the taste of alcohol-free beer, indicating potential for enhancing low alcohol options.

5. Future Applications: The researchers believe that AI could revolutionize the brewing industry by providing insights into beer flavor and suggesting improvements to existing products. They also see potential for applying similar methods to other types of foods, including healthier snacks and vegan alternatives.

6. Integration with Brewing Industry: While some brewers may be skeptical about AI's role in brewing, the researchers emphasize that AI can complement the craft of brewing by providing new insights and tools for improving existing products.

Overall, the study suggests that AI has the potential to enhance the taste of beer and other foods, offering opportunities for innovation and improvement in the food and beverage industry.

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