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Insight of the Day: Big Splash or Barely a Ripple? Assessing the Impact of Paris 2024 on the Beverages Industry in France

Key Findings:

  • The Paris 2024 Olympics offer beverage brands a prime opportunity to boost consumer engagement through marketing campaigns and create positive brand associations.

  • While the impact on sales volume might be minimal, the Games serve as a platform to promote sustainable packaging and raise awareness of smaller categories like non-alcoholic beer.

  • Factors like rising prices, health consciousness, and product innovation will have a more significant impact on sales than the Olympics alone.

Key Takeaway:

The main benefit for beverage brands at the Paris 2024 Olympics lies in enhancing consumer engagement and building brand association rather than directly boosting sales. The Games also provide a platform to promote sustainable practices and lesser-known product categories.


The Olympics are increasingly being used by brands to promote sustainability initiatives and connect with health-conscious consumers. This reflects a broader trend in the beverage industry towards aligning with consumer values and promoting responsible consumption.


  • The Paris 2024 Olympics present a unique opportunity for beverage brands to connect with consumers through targeted marketing campaigns and showcase their commitment to sustainability.

  • While the Games may not directly translate to a significant increase in sales, the long-term benefits of brand building and positive association can be invaluable.

  • The success of beverage brands at the Olympics will depend on their ability to create engaging campaigns, leverage sustainable practices, and cater to evolving consumer preferences.

Implications for Brands:

  • Beverage brands should focus on creating engaging and impactful marketing campaigns that align with the Olympic spirit and resonate with consumers.

  • They should utilize the Games as a platform to showcase their commitment to sustainability through initiatives like reusable packaging and recycling programs.

  • Brands should leverage the opportunity to raise awareness of smaller or niche categories within their portfolio, such as non-alcoholic beer or functional beverages.

  • They should prioritize understanding and catering to evolving consumer preferences, such as health consciousness and demand for functional drinks.

By effectively utilizing the Paris 2024 Olympics as a marketing and branding platform, beverage companies can strengthen their relationship with consumers, promote sustainable practices, and position themselves for long-term growth in the evolving beverage landscape.


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