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Insight of the Day: Brand to Watch: Milani Cosmetics


  • Milani's Growth: Milani Cosmetics has seen significant growth, particularly in the post-pandemic era, despite a general decline in makeup usage.

  • Favorability Among U.S. Hispanic Women: The brand has a strong following among U.S. Hispanic women, exceeding some competitors in market share.

  • Brand vs. Price: U.S. Hispanic women prioritize both brand and price, aligning with Milani's value proposition of affordable luxury.

  • Olympic Campaign Potential: Milani's partnership with U.S. Olympic female athletes could be successful, as their customers show strong interest in the Paris Olympics.

  • Women's Sports Interest: A large portion of Milani's customer base follows women's sports leagues like the WNBA and NWSL, suggesting potential for further partnerships in this area.

Key Takeaway:

Milani Cosmetics is a brand to watch due to its impressive growth and strong resonance with the U.S. Hispanic female demographic. The brand's focus on inclusive products, affordability, and partnerships with female athletes positions it well for continued success.


  • Inclusive Beauty: Milani's focus on diverse representation and products for all skin tones aligns with the growing demand for inclusive beauty brands.

  • Affordable Luxury: Consumers are seeking high-quality cosmetics at reasonable prices, making brands like Milani attractive.

  • Female Empowerment: Partnering with female athletes demonstrates a commitment to empowering women and resonates with a large portion of Milani's customer base.

Target Consumers & Age Group:

  • Primary Target: U.S. Hispanic women who value both brand and price in their beauty purchases. The age range is not explicitly mentioned but likely includes millennials and Gen Z, based on the brand's social media presence and marketing campaigns.

  • Secondary Target:  General makeup users interested in affordable, high-quality products.


  • Milani Cosmetics is strategically positioned for continued growth in the competitive beauty market.

  • Its focus on inclusivity, affordability, and female empowerment resonates with its target audience.

  • The brand's Olympic campaign and potential partnerships with women's sports leagues could further expand its reach and influence.

Implications for Brands:

  • Inclusivity Matters: Brands need to prioritize diversity and inclusivity in their product offerings and marketing campaigns to appeal to a wider range of consumers.

  • Value Proposition: Offering high-quality products at affordable prices can attract price-conscious consumers without compromising on brand perception.

  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborating with influencers or athletes can increase brand visibility and credibility, especially among specific target audiences.

Implications for Society:

  • Positive Representation: Milani's inclusive approach to beauty contributes to a more positive and diverse representation of women in media and advertising.

  • Economic Impact: The success of diverse and inclusive brands like Milani can contribute to economic growth and create opportunities for underrepresented communities.

  • Consumer Empowerment: By offering affordable luxury, Milani empowers consumers to express themselves through beauty without breaking the bank.


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