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Insight of the Day: Chinese opt for more discreet outfits due to "luxury shame"

Luxury Goods Market Slows Down as Chinese Consumers Become More Discreet

Key Findings:

  • Slowdown in Luxury Market: Global sales of personal luxury goods are expected to grow between 0% and 4% in 2024, the weakest performance since 2020.

  • Shift in Chinese Consumer Behavior: Wealthier Chinese consumers are opting for more discreet fashion due to economic uncertainty and "luxury shame."

  • Understated Luxury:  Instead of flashy items, Chinese consumers are now preferring understated luxury products and private shopping experiences.

  • US Market Recovery: The US luxury market is showing signs of recovery, driven by wealthier buyers.

  • Tourism Boost in Europe and Japan: The return of foreign tourists is expected to boost luxury sales in these regions.

Key Takeaway:

The luxury goods market is experiencing a slowdown, particularly in China, due to changing consumer preferences and economic factors. However, signs of recovery are emerging in the US, Europe, and Japan.


The trend of "luxury shame" and the preference for understated luxury is gaining traction among Chinese consumers, reflecting a shift away from conspicuous consumption.


  • The luxury goods market is facing challenges due to economic uncertainty and changing consumer preferences.

  • Brands need to adapt to the evolving landscape by offering more discreet and understated luxury options.

  • The US, Europe, and Japan are showing promising signs of recovery in the luxury market, driven by tourism and demand from wealthier consumers.

Implications for Brands:

  • Adapt to Changing Preferences: Offer a wider range of understated luxury products to cater to the growing demand for discreet fashion.

  • Focus on Value and Quality: Emphasize the quality and craftsmanship of products to justify higher prices.

  • Personalized Experiences: Offer exclusive and personalized shopping experiences to attract discerning consumers.

  • Diversify Markets: Explore opportunities in emerging markets like Southeast Asia, India, and Mexico, where the middle class is growing.

  • Invest in Digital: Enhance online presence and offer seamless omnichannel experiences to cater to changing shopping habits.


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