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Insight of the Day: Consumers Cite Price as Obstacle to Buying Green

The report highlighted key insights on consumer attitudes towards sustainability and green products:

- Price Barrier:

- 55% of Americans consider environmentally friendly products too costly, hindering their willingness to make greener purchases.

- Corporate Environmental Responsibility:

- 83% of Americans believe companies engage in environmentally friendly actions for public image rather than genuine care for the environment.

- Greenwashing Concerns:

- 63% of influencers are creating more sustainability content but fear accusations of greenwashing, hindering their efforts.

- Carbon Emissions:

- 72% of consumers are interested in purchasing products with labels detailing the company's carbon footprint and emissions to fight climate change.

- Glamour Greens:

- This segment consists of high-income, millennials, and aspirational individuals who prioritize environmentally friendly behaviors and purchases as a status symbol.

- Shift in Sustainability Perception:

- Americans are moving from viewing sustainability as a badge of honor to a crisis, indicating a shift in attitudes towards environmental concerns.

- Consumer Behavior:

- The report reflects a shift in consumer sentiment and behavior towards sustainability, with a focus on authenticity and genuine commitment from companies.

These findings suggest that while consumers value sustainability and environmental responsibility, concerns over pricing, greenwashing, and authenticity remain significant obstacles in driving greener purchasing decisions.

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