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Insight of the Day: Consumers Want to Personalize Shopping With Extended Reality

Consumers' Interest in Extended Reality for Personalized Shopping

  • Rise of Extended Reality in eCommerce:

  • Consumers are increasingly drawn to extended reality (AR and VR) to enhance their shopping experiences and make them more personalized and engaging.

  • Companies like Perfect Corp. are leveraging AR try-on options in beauty and fashion industries to meet consumer demands for immersive experiences.

  • Demand for Personalization:

  • Consumers seek personalized and diverse experiences from mobile apps, driven by the desire for self-expression and creativity.

  • The focus on personalization extends to targeted offers, with 83% of shoppers expressing interest in personalized deals according to a PYMNTS Intelligence report.

  • Retailers Embracing AR and VR:

  • Retail giants like Walmart and Amazon are integrating AR and VR technologies to enhance customer experiences.

  • Walmart is expanding its Beauty Virtual Try-On capabilities, while Amazon offers AR trial features for brands like Adidas, Ray-Ban, and L’Oreal.

  • Apple's Entry into Extended Reality:

  • The launch of the Apple Vision Pro headset introduced new eCommerce experiences, with retailers like Lowe’s and J. Crew using VR tools to enhance the shopping journey.

  • This signals a growing trend of immersive technologies shaping the future of online shopping.

  • Consumer Interest in Extended Reality:

  • Research indicates a significant interest among consumers in using VR to preview products in their environment before purchase.

  • Immersive technologies like VR and AR provide a more comprehensive understanding of products, enabling better-informed buying decisions and reducing return rates.

  • Benefits of Extended Reality:

  • AR and VR allow customers to visualize products in real-world settings, such as furniture in their homes or clothing on their bodies, leading to a more engaging shopping experience.

  • These technologies help bridge the gap between online and physical shopping, offering a new dimension of interactivity and convenience for consumers.

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