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Insight of the Day: Diageo uses AI to reveal top flavour trends

Key Findings:

  • Diageo identifies five key flavor trends shaping summer 2024: umami, spicy, tropical, treating, and bloom harvest.

  • The forecast was developed using AI and machine learning to track global online conversations.

  • Specific flavors driving each trend include:

  • Umami: turmeric, gochujang, Parmesan

  • Spicy: jalapeno, pepperoncini, chili

  • Tropical: tamarind, guava, passion fruit

  • Treating: coffee, hazelnut, nutmeg

  • Bloom Harvest: floral infusions, locally sourced ingredients

  • Diageo has already leveraged these trends to launch new products like Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind and Johnnie Walker Umami.

Key Takeaway:

Diageo's Flavour Forecast provides valuable insights for brands and businesses in the food and beverage industry, highlighting the evolving tastes and preferences of global consumers.


The rise of umami, spicy, and tropical flavors reflects a growing interest in global cuisines and adventurous taste experiences. The treating and bloom harvest trends point to a desire for indulgence and a connection to nature, respectively.


  • Consumers are increasingly seeking out unique and complex flavor profiles.

  • Health and wellness concerns are influencing flavor preferences, with an emphasis on natural and locally sourced ingredients.

  • The use of AI and machine learning in trend forecasting is proving to be a valuable tool for businesses.

Implications for Brands:

  • Innovation: Brands should focus on developing new products that incorporate the trending flavors identified in the forecast.

  • Marketing: Brands should leverage the identified trends in their marketing campaigns to appeal to evolving consumer preferences.

  • Partnerships: Brands should consider partnering with chefs and mixologists to create innovative drinks and dishes that showcase the trending flavors.

  • Sustainability: Brands should emphasize the use of natural, locally sourced, and sustainable ingredients to meet the growing demand for eco-conscious products.

  • Technology: Brands should explore the use of AI and machine learning to gain a deeper understanding of consumer trends and preferences.


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