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Insight of the Day: Digiday+ Research: Publishers turn their focus away from subscriptions

The article discusses a shift in focus among publishers away from subscriptions as a primary revenue driver. Here are the key points:

1. Decline in Subscription Revenue: According to surveys conducted by Digiday, subscriptions are becoming less significant as a revenue source for publishers. The percentage of publishers generating revenue from subscriptions has decreased, with 44% of publisher professionals stating they don't derive any revenue from subscriptions in Q1 2024, up from 26% six months prior.

2. Decrease in Subscription Revenue Share: The proportion of publishers generating a large or very large portion of their revenue from subscriptions has also decreased over the past year and a half. In Q1 2024, only 7% of publishers reported subscriptions accounting for a large or very large portion of their revenue, compared to 27% in Q3 2022.

3. Shift in Focus: There has been a notable shift in the focus of publishers towards building their subscriptions business. The percentage of publishers prioritizing subscriptions as a focus area has been decreasing since the beginning of 2022. In Q1 2024, only 30% of publishers stated they would put a large or very large focus on growing subscriptions revenue in the next six months, down from 44% in Q1 2022.

4. Increasing Disinterest in Subscriptions: Conversely, the percentage of publishers not focused at all on building their subscriptions business has been trending upwards. In Q1 2024, 41% of publisher professionals indicated they are not focused at all on subscriptions, compared to just 14% in Q3 2022.

Overall, the research suggests a shift in the perception of subscriptions among publishers, with a decreasing emphasis on subscriptions as a primary revenue driver and a growing disinterest in prioritizing subscriptions as a focus area for growth.

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