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Insight of the Day: DoorDash Data Shows What Consumers Want from On-Demand Delivery

DoorDash's 2024 Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report reveals key insights into consumer behavior and preferences in the on-demand delivery space:

Overall Trends:

  • Delivery apps remain popular: Despite economic fluctuations, 620 million orders were placed on DoorDash in Q1 2024, a 21% increase year-over-year.

  • Consistent usage: 70% of consumers ordered food delivery in the past month, with nearly half ordering repeatedly at least once a week.

  • Increased reliance: A third of respondents order delivery more often than in 2023, and 86% use third-party apps at least twice a month.

Key Consumer Habits:

  • Selection and affordability matter: Menu selection (55%) and pricing (50%) are the top factors when choosing a new restaurant.

  • Peak ordering times: Orders peak on Fridays and Saturdays around dinnertime (6 pm).

  • Desire for variety: 67% of DoorDash users ordered from a new store in Q1 2024 compared to Q4 2023.

  • Last-minute orders: Nearly 75% of consumers use delivery for last-minute needs, with men being more likely to order urgently.

Generational Differences:

  • Gen Z discovery: 30% of Gen Z consumers use TikTok to find new restaurants, followed by Instagram (29%).

  • Millennials and Instagram: Instagram is the most popular platform among Millennials for discovering new restaurants.

  • Baby Boomers and tableware: More than half of Baby Boomers use their own dishes and utensils for delivery food.

  • Gen Z and comfort: 21% of Gen Z consumers prefer eating delivery food in bed.

Additional Insights:

  • Consumers are creatures of habit, often ordering from familiar places.

  • Consumers value variety and are open to trying new restaurants.

  • Last-minute delivery is a significant use case, especially among men.

  • Generational differences exist in platform preferences and dining habits.

Implications for Restaurants:

  • Optimize menus: Ensure a wide variety of options at competitive prices.

  • Leverage social media: Utilize platforms like TikTok and Instagram to reach younger audiences.

  • Cater to convenience: Offer last-minute delivery options and consider special packaging for those who prefer to eat in bed.

Overall, DoorDash's report highlights the continued importance of on-demand delivery for consumers and provides valuable insights for restaurants looking to adapt to changing trends and grow their businesses.

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