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Insight of the Day: Fandom is Important to Identity, Some Consumers Say

Here's a summary of the article, highlighting the relationship between fandom and identity:

Importance of Fandom

  • Fandom for music artists (37%) and sports teams (35%) carries the most weight in terms of personal identity for consumers.

  • Gen Z places the highest value on fandom, particularly for music artists (58%) compared to other generations.

  • Fandom extends beyond music and sports, with movies, TV, and video games playing significant roles in shaping identity across generations.

Cross-Platform Opportunities

  • Audiences want to see more crossovers between their favorite media:

  • Movie fans desire video game adaptations.

  • Gamers want more celebrity actors in video games.

  • Video game fans are eager for movies and TV shows based on their favorite games.

The Emergence of "Super Fans"

  • 1 in 10 consumers classify as "M&E Super Fans," whose identity is strongly tied to multiple entertainment fandoms (music, sports, TV, movies, video games).

  • These super fans offer a lucrative target market: They are heavy spenders on subscription services and highly engaged on social media.

Key Takeaway: Fandom is a powerful force shaping identity, particularly for younger generations. Understanding these fandoms across various media platforms opens up significant possibilities for engagement and cross-promotion opportunities.

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