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Insight of the Day: For Gen-Z job-seekers, TikTok is the new LinkedIn

The Changing Job Search:

  • Bypassing Traditional Channels: Rather than relying solely on LinkedIn or family connections, younger job seekers find the dynamic, personality-driven content on TikTok more engaging and helpful.

  • Content Creators as Gurus: Influencers like Lauren Spearman, Kennie Bukky, and Brittany Peatsch offer relatable advice and insights covering topics like:

  • Identifying red flags in job postings

  • Navigating unfair application processes

  • Effective salary negotiation strategies

  • Coping with layoffs

Why TikTok Resonates with Gen Z:

  • Authenticity: Creators often share personal experiences, making their advice feel genuine and relatable compared to formal resources.

  • Bite-Sized Information: TikTok's short-form video format aligns well with Gen Z's preference for quick, digestible content.

  • Community and Support: The platform provides a sense of solidarity and encouragement for young job seekers navigating a challenging market.

Takeaways for Companies:

  • TikTok Presence: To attract Gen Z talent, companies need to adapt their recruitment strategies and consider using TikTok's creative tools to showcase their company culture and open positions.

  • Employer Branding: Authenticity and transparency are key. Companies need to present a relatable and human face on TikTok to connect with this demographic.

Overall: While LinkedIn remains powerful, TikTok's rise signifies a shift in how young people approach their careers and gather information. Companies must take note or risk being left behind in the race for Gen Z talent.

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