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Insight of the Day: From non-alcoholic beer to ‘functional’ drinks, the booze-free revolution is brewing

The article discusses the rise of non-alcoholic beverages, particularly those that are functional and promote health benefits.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Non-alcoholic beverage market is growing: The market for non-alcoholic drinks is thriving, driven by a decline in alcohol consumption especially among younger people. Sales are expected to keep growing in the coming years.

  • Functional drinks are a new trend: This is a new category of non-alcoholic drinks that are infused with ingredients like botanicals and adaptogens to deliver specific health benefits like relaxation or focus.

  • Traditional companies are entering the market: Even big alcohol companies are creating non-alcoholic options as they see a shift in consumer preferences.

  • Non-alcoholic drinks cater to a wider audience:  These appeal to both younger people looking for healthier socializing experiences and older adults who enjoy the taste without the alcohol.

  • Concerns exist about the health claims: Some experts are skeptical about the advertised health benefits of functional drinks and recommend whole foods instead.

Overall, the article highlights a growing market for non-alcoholic drinks that offer new flavors, health benefits, and cater to a changing consumer preference for healthier lifestyles.


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