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Insight of the Day: Gen Alpha Is Prepared to Pay Big to Slow Aging

Gen Alpha’s Commitment to Antiaging:

  • Gen Alpha, the youngest generation, is showing a strong interest in products that combat the effects of aging.

  • Recent reports reveal that pre-teens are flocking to beauty retailers like Sephora to access products that promote healthy skin. Key Findings from Thorne’s Fear of Aging Report:

  • Thorne’s 2024 edition of the Fear of Aging report sheds light on Gen Alpha’s perception of aging.

  • The worst effects of aging, according to Gen Alpha, include:

  • Physical limitations/lack of strength (42%)

  • Memory loss (38%)

  • Wrinkles or fine lines (31%)

  • Appearing less attractive to others (20%)

  • Gen Alpha desires a positive shift in how society views aging (40%).

  • They are more likely to follow multistep skincare routines to combat aging compared to adults.

  • Interestingly, Gen Alpha turns to TikTok for medical advice more frequently than adults. Willingness to Prevent Aging:

  • Gen Alpha is open to cosmetic procedures (more than twice as likely as older generations).

  • They would even consider sacrifices such as going a week without social media or giving up a good grade in school to stay young.

  • Their initial steps to combat aging involve healthy eating, exercise, taking supplements, and prioritizing mental health.

In summary, Gen Alpha’s proactive approach to antiaging reflects evolving expectations and methods. While they prioritize skincare routines and explore cosmetic options, they also emphasize overall well-being and mental health


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