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Insight of the Day: Gen Z Brits are putting roast dinners and sushi on sandwiches, shock study shows

The article discusses a trend among Gen Z Brits of creating "dinner sandwiches" by incorporating classic evening meals into their sandwiches. Here are some key points from the study mentioned in the article:

  • Nine in ten Gen Z Brits have experimented with putting traditional dinner items like fish fingers, chicken Kiev, and steak and chips into sandwiches.

  • 78% of young Britons discovered the concept of dinner sandwiches through social media, indicating the influence of online platforms on food trends.

  • Nearly half of modern Brits have shared images of their dinner sandwiches on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, with 20% of 18-29 year olds admitting to photographing their sandwiches regularly.

  • Unusual fillings for these dinner sandwiches include mac & cheese, instant noodles, chicken tikka masala, pork chops, sweet and sour chicken, among others.

  • Social media showcases more adventurous fillings such as Chicken Milanese, Chick Parma, and Banh Mi.

  • Hovis, in collaboration with Celebrity MasterChef winner Wynne Evans, introduced a sushi dinner sandwich recipe featuring seared salmon slices, smashed avocado, wasabi paste, red cabbage, and pickled ginger coleslaw.

Wynne Evans, the Celebrity MasterChef champion, highlighted the appeal of sandwiches at dinner time and emphasized the importance of healthy options to align with lifestyle choices. The Marketing Director of Hovis acknowledged the nation's love for sandwiches and the creativity people are showing in experimenting with sandwich ingredients beyond traditional boundaries.

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