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Insight of the Day: Gen Z happiness is most driven by one surprising thing, Gallup poll finds

A recent Gallup poll has uncovered a significant factor driving happiness among Gen Z individuals, highlighting the importance of finding purpose in work and education. The survey, which included 2,271 young adults in the U.S. between ages 12 and 26, identified a sense of purpose at school and work as the primary influencer of happiness for this demographic.

Key Findings:

- The poll revealed that over 60% of happy Gen Z respondents feel that they engage in interesting activities daily and are motivated to attend school or work. In contrast, unhappy Gen Z individuals are much less likely to feel this way.

- Factors such as finding work and school tasks important and feeling supported and connected to others are linked to increased happiness among Gen Z individuals.

- The research indicates a shift in priorities among Gen Z and millennials, with a greater focus on purpose and meaning in work rather than traditional measures of success like earning more money or receiving promotions.


- The findings suggest that promoting a sense of purpose and meaning in work and education can significantly impact the happiness and well-being of Gen Z individuals.

- Creating engaging and meaningful learning experiences, including career pathways, may lead to more fulfilled and motivated young people.

- Parents and educators can play a crucial role in helping Gen Z individuals identify and pursue activities that align with their values and goals, ultimately contributing to their overall well-being and resilience.

The research underscores the importance of addressing the evolving needs and priorities of younger generations, emphasizing the value of purpose-driven work and education in fostering happiness and fulfillment. By understanding and supporting these key drivers of happiness, individuals and communities can work towards creating a more positive and fulfilling environment for Gen Z individuals

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