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Insight of the Day: Gen Z’s ‘Little Treat Culture’ Especially Apparent in Coffee Category

The article highlights several trends in the coffee and tea industry that are resonating with Gen Z and millennial consumers:

  1. Cold Brew Coffee: Younger consumers are driving the growth of cold brew coffee due to its smoother, less acidic flavor profile and its visual appeal on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The industry is responding with innovative solutions like shelf-stable concentrates and faster brewing methods to meet this demand.

  2. Ube: The vibrant purple-hued ube, a Southeast Asian yam with a unique flavor, is making its way into mainstream coffee shops. Monin, a leading flavor solutions provider, has declared it the 2024 Flavor of the Year, offering ube syrup for various beverage creations.

  3. "Little Treat Culture": Indulgent coffee and tea beverages fit into the "little treat culture" trend, where Gen Z and millennials seek small indulgences as a form of self-care and escapism. Brands like Kerry Foodservice and Torani are tapping into this trend with creative and visually appealing offerings.

  4. Functional Benefits:  Many consumers seek functional health benefits in their coffee and tea, leading to the rise of beverages that incorporate ingredients like adaptogens and antioxidants. Renude's Chagaccino and Atomo Coffee's bean-less espresso are examples of products catering to this trend.

Overall, the coffee and tea industry is evolving to cater to the preferences of Gen Z and millennials, who are seeking unique flavors, indulgent experiences, functional benefits, and visually appealing beverages that align with their values and lifestyle.


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