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Insight of the Day: Hollywood movies fail to reflect climate change crisis: Study

Hollywood Movies Fail Climate Reality Check:

A new study by Colby College and Good Energy reveals that most Hollywood movies produced in the last decade fail to depict the reality of climate change.

Key Findings:

  • Fewer than 10% of 250 surveyed movies (2013-2022) passed the "climate reality check," which assessed whether climate change was presented and acknowledged by characters.

  • Less than 4% of films mentioned climate change in two or more scenes.

  • Streaming services had a higher percentage of movies addressing climate change than major studios.


  • Most movies portray a world where climate change doesn't exist, which is out of touch with a movie-going public seeking reality on screen.

  • Even movies not explicitly about climate change can pass the test, highlighting the potential for subtle inclusion of climate themes.

  • The study serves as a tool for evaluating climate representation in films and can incentivize filmmakers to connect audiences with climate stories.


The study underscores the need for Hollywood to better reflect the climate crisis in its films, connecting with audiences and potentially raising awareness about this critical issue.


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