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Insight of the Day: How context can inspire brand growth

The article discusses how understanding context can inspire brand growth and shape consumer decisions. It highlights the importance of moving away from static brand growth models and towards dynamic contextual brand choice models that take into account the ever-changing context in which brands and consumers exist.

Research by Ipsos shows that over 50% of brand choice drivers are influenced by contextual factors, such as what is happening in a person's life and the wider world around them. By understanding and adapting to this dynamic landscape, brands can better identify consumer expectations and competition, as well as identify opportunities for growth.

The article emphasizes the significance of functional, emotional, and societal expectations in influencing brand choice, as well as how contextual understanding can help brands identify their true competition. It also delves into decision-making habits that prevent people from switching brands and explores how changes in socio-cultural or economic context can inspire new ways for brands to grow.

The article concludes by highlighting the importance of identifying context in which consumers make brand choices and using these insights to drive brand growth. This article is part of a series focused on understanding the impact of context on brand choice.

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