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Insight of the Day: How raves are getting Gen Z into wine

Wine Raves: A New Way to Engage Gen Z

A growing trend called "wine raves" is revolutionizing how Generation Z is introduced to wine. These events, held in various cities worldwide, combine wine tasting with electronic music, offering a unique and engaging experience.

Key Points:

  • New Theory: This company, founded by Charlie and Thom Bradley, is at the forefront of the wine rave scene. They produce low-intervention wines from South Africa and host raves to promote their products.

  • Alternative to Traditional Tastings: Wine raves provide a more relaxed and fun alternative to traditional wine tastings, which can often feel stuffy and intimidating.

  • Global Trend: Wine raves are not limited to London; they're also popular in New York, Berlin, and other cities.

  • Diverse Events: Wine raves come in various formats, from pop-up events in restaurants to multi-day festivals featuring renowned DJs and musicians.

  • Appeal to Gen Z: The combination of wine and electronic music appeals to Gen Z's preference for social experiences and alternative forms of entertainment.

  • Pandemic Impact: The trend was temporarily slowed down by the pandemic but has since picked up again.


Wine raves are a prime example of how the wine industry is adapting to appeal to a younger audience. By combining wine with a social and engaging atmosphere, these events are making wine more accessible and enjoyable for Gen Z.


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