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Insight of the Day: How the self-care industry made us so lonely


  • Self-care industry boom: The self-care industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, fueled by societal anxieties and stress.

  • Shift in self-care definition: The original concept of self-care as community-oriented and focused on activism has been replaced by a consumerist, individualistic approach.

  • Link to loneliness epidemic: The rise of individualized self-care may be contributing to the increasing prevalence of loneliness in society.

Key Takeaway:

The commodification of self-care has transformed it from a revitalizing practice focused on community and social change to an isolating one centered on individual consumption. This shift may be contributing to the loneliness epidemic.


The self-care industry is increasingly promoting products and practices that focus on individual needs and desires, often at the expense of social connection and community engagement.


  • The current self-care model, focused on individual consumption, is not effectively addressing the underlying causes of stress and anxiety.

  • The emphasis on self-improvement and personal gain has led to a neglect of the importance of social connection and community support.

  • Reclaiming the original meaning of self-care as a collective and socially engaged practice could help combat loneliness and foster a sense of belonging.

Implications for Brands:

  • Rethink marketing strategies: Brands in the self-care industry need to shift their messaging away from individualistic solutions and towards community-oriented practices.

  • Promote social connection: Companies should emphasize the importance of social bonds and offer products and services that encourage connection and belonging.

  • Support community initiatives: Brands can partner with community organizations to promote collective well-being and address the root causes of stress and anxiety.

  • Offer authentic solutions: Instead of focusing on quick fixes and material goods, companies should provide resources and tools that empower individuals to build meaningful relationships and engage with their communities.


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