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Insight of the Day: How US Influencers Are Spreading Misinformation About Birth Control

US influencers are spreading misinformation about birth control, particularly targeting birth control pills, on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. These influencers, often self-proclaimed health gurus, falsely claim that birth control causes infertility, low libido, and impacts sexual behavior and partner choice. This misinformation is dangerous, as it can lead people to abandon effective contraception methods and potentially result in unintended pregnancies, especially in states where abortion is restricted or banned.

Key Concerns:

  • False Claims: Influencers are making inaccurate claims about the side effects of birth control pills, exaggerating risks and ignoring the benefits.

  • Cottage Industry of Misinformation: Many influencers are profiting from spreading misinformation by promoting their own "healing" products and services.

  • Political Context: The rise of this misinformation coincides with increased restrictions on abortion access, making access to reliable contraceptive information even more crucial.

  • Impact on Reproductive Health: The misinformation can discourage people from using effective birth control, leading to unintended pregnancies and potentially dangerous health outcomes.


  • Consult Medical Professionals: Decisions about contraception should be made with the guidance of healthcare providers, not influencers.

  • Critical Thinking: Be wary of online information and verify claims with reputable sources before making any decisions about your health.

  • Regulation: Consider stricter regulations on the promotion of health products and services by influencers.

  • Education: Promote accurate information about contraception and reproductive health to counter the spread of misinformation.

Overall, the spread of misinformation about birth control by US influencers is a serious issue with potentially harmful consequences. It is crucial to prioritize accurate information and consult with healthcare professionals when making decisions about contraception.

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