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Insight of the Day: Ice cream marketing: Blue Bell, Jeni’s, Tillamook deal with Ozempic, rising prices

Summer Ice Cream Marketing—How Brands Are Handling Ozempic, Rising Prices, and Other Threats

In the world of frozen treats, summer is the golden season for ice cream brands. However, this year presents unique challenges due to higher ingredient costs and a consumer base that’s increasingly price-sensitive. Let’s dive into how some popular ice cream brands are navigating these hurdles:

  1. Jeni’s: Known for their artisanal flavors, Jeni’s is leaning into nostalgia and indulgence. They’re tapping into consumers’ desire for comfort and familiarity, offering smaller portions that evoke childhood memories. By focusing on quality and emotional connections, Jeni’s aims to maintain customer loyalty despite rising costs.

  2. Tillamook: This Oregon-based brand is also playing the nostalgia card. Tillamook emphasizes its heritage and commitment to natural ingredients. Their marketing highlights the simplicity of classic flavors, reassuring customers that they’re getting authentic, wholesome ice cream. By staying true to their roots, Tillamook hopes to weather the pricing storm.

  3. Blue Bell: Blue Bell, a beloved Texas brand, is taking a similar approach. They’re promoting their traditional flavors and emphasizing the joy of sharing ice cream with loved ones. Blue Bell’s marketing focuses on family gatherings, picnics, and moments of togetherness. By evoking warm memories, they aim to keep customers loyal even as costs rise.

The Ozempic Factor: One wildcard in the ice cream industry is the GLP-1 weight-loss drug Ozempic. While it may curb some appetites for large volumes of ice cream, it also poses a challenge. As more people turn to Ozempic for weight management, ice cream brands must adapt. Perhaps we’ll see innovative marketing campaigns that position ice cream as an occasional indulgence rather than an everyday treat.

In summary, ice cream brands are embracing nostalgia, quality, and emotional connections to navigate the complexities of rising prices and changing consumer habits. Whether it’s a scoop of Jeni’s, a slice of Tillamook, or a tub of Blue Bell, these brands are finding creative ways to stay relevant in a competitive market

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