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Insight of the Day: Influencer Marketing Benchmarks: Which Industries Have the Highest Engagement Rates?

Industries with the Highest Engagement Rates

  • Travel: Highest average engagement rate across all platforms (2.4%), especially on TikTok (3.21%).

  • Beauty: Strong engagement (1.95% average), also highest on TikTok (2.46%).

  • Sports & Fitness:  Above-average engagement (1.6%), best on TikTok (2.51%) and Instagram (2.31%).

  • Fashion:  High impression count, solid engagement (1.53% average), led by TikTok (2.26%) and Instagram (1.59%).

TikTok Dominates, with One Exception

  • Across most industries, TikTok boasts the highest influencer post engagement rates.

  • Exception:  Gaming sees the highest engagement on Instagram (3.15%).

Additional Notes

  • Finance had the lowest average engagement (0.89%).

  • There seems to be no direct correlation between post volume and engagement rate.

Key Takeaway

Travel, Beauty, Sports & Fitness, and Fashion brands can expect strong results from influencer marketing, especially on TikTok. Understanding the variations in engagement by platform and industry is crucial for strategizing effective campaigns.

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